Corporate Governance & Control

Management / Supervisory Board Consulting
We assist the management and supervisory boards of listed companies in complying with ever higher standards of care, particularly in special situations. We support them in undertaking strategic decisions, acquisitions and restructuring. Our consultants anticipate potential risks and opposition from competing bidders or financial investors and develop solutions and strategies, including remaining in  consistent communication, to overcome them.

AGM Consulting
Whether a critical AGM requiring special resolutions is successful is usually an extremely sensitive matter. Accordingly, when structuring transactions which will potentially have consequences for the AGM it must constantly be borne in mind whether an AGM with structural resolutions is necessary.
This is particularly the case, if the prompt registration of the resolution in the commercial register is essential. We already consider the relevance for an AGM in the planning and structuring stage of a project and prepare proposals and AGMs in a way that allows the straight-forward implementation of the strategic goals of our clients.

Takeovers & Defense
Our attorneys support members of management and supervisory boards in their interactions with capital market players, whether it concerns conflicts regarding corporate strategies or impending hostile take-overs. We outline perspectives and how the capital market operates in the aforementioned situations, develop economically sound and effective defense and communications strategies tailored for individual needs and help the company organs implement economically and legally unassailable countermeasures successfully.