Restructuring consulting
In restructuring scenarios we provide advice on both the corporate and creditor sides, in particular with regard to the restructuring and refinancing of listed companies or quoted debt securities. Our goal is always to achieve the greatest possible value for both the creditors and owners, to restructure the company by relieving the burden on the liability side of the balance sheet and to obtain additional funding for the company so that a sustainable operational restructuring in the interests of all participants can be brought about. Our restructuring attorneys are continuously supported in these efforts by our company law, capital market and transaction teams to ensure, in particular the case of listed companies, the speedy implementation of the restructuring package at the AGM.

Distressed investment
We advise investors specializing in the acquisition of non-performing loans and corporate bonds. Our restructuring specialists analyze the loan documents and the respective companies involved, assist in calculating realistic going concern or liquidation values and suggest restructuring measures for the debtor company to achieve maximize value creation. We work with interdisciplinary teams because we believe that only the combination of legal expertise in insolvency, international restructuring know-how and corporate law transaction experience can generate the best possible results for our clients.

Bond restructuring
We represent companies and creditor groups regarding the restructuring of bond terms in accordance with German and New York law, in particular pursuant to the German Bond Act. We highlight restructuring potential and restructuring models, develop strategies to minimize hold-out risks and support issuers and creditors through the often arduous restructuring process.

Our attorneys advise sellers and specialist investors over the sale or acquisition of portfolios of non-performing loans. We support sellers when compiling the portfolio and ensure through the preparation and monitoring of the examination process and the design of the contract documentation, that the bidders avoid incurring process-related valuation haircuts. We advise purchasers regarding the analysis and evaluation of individual large loans from a portfolio, suggest necessary amendments to the contractual documentation and help in refinancing or securitizing the portfolio after the acquisition.