Institutional Investors

Special Situations
Our advice enables financial investors to make economically correct investment decisions over their investments in special situations. We analyze take-over offers and structural measures with respect to their fairness and adequacy for our clients and anticipate the effects of downstream consolidation measures. In addition, we help institutional investors to detect the tactical manoeuvres of bidders and target companies, as well as the structural deficiencies of offers. We develop legal and communicative strategies to enforce a fair and adequate treatment of financial investors whenever this seems necessary with respect to conflicts of interest or an apparent deterioration in investor interests.

Private Equity
We advise private equity investors especially regarding issues that require consultation beyond the standardized documentation for a LBO. Our consultants are specifically hired for public-to-private transactions, consolidation strategies (buy and build) and whenever there are special aspects to be considered, such as acquiring insolvency endangered companies through a lender position, real estate transactions or entering into minority positions through financial investors and their financing. From the start we involve our financing experts and attorneys specialized in matters pertaining to financial investors in order to ensure the permanent consideration of financing and exit aspects in the structuring and evaluation stage, as well as the exact interactions between the equity capital components of sponsors, managements and recipients of warrants.

Real Estate Transactions
We also advise sellers, specialized funds and investors on the sale and acquisition of commercial real estate property and real estate portfolios. We work with teams of transaction and financing specialists. In matters of commercial tenancy law and public construction law we involve specialized colleagues from cooperating law firms. This enables us to provide first class consultation for every aspect of the transaction.

We support listed companies and investors with individually structured private placements in the equity, debt and hybrid fields or in connection with convertible securities. Depending on the requirements of the concrete structure, we provide teams of experienced corporate lawyers, financing specialists and capital market lawyers in order to guarantee the necessary expertise in each case. For investors, we also take care of the subsequent refinancing or securitization and ensure that the structure of the transaction retains sufficient optionality from the very beginning.